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The data is sorted in alphabetic order. You also can use the text search utility of your browser to find the biofuel directly. This would be particularly useful for searching a botanical name. Click on one of the letters below to jump to the first biofuel starting with this letter.

  1. ailanthus
    Ailanthus altissima
  2. alder, black alder /log
    Alnus glutinosa
  3. alder, red alder /bark
    Alnus rubra
  4. alder+poplar+willow
    Alnus sp.+Popolus sp.+Salix sp.
  5. alfalfa
    Medicago sativa
  6. alfalfa /stems
    Medicago sativa
  7. almond
    Prunus amygdalus
  8. almond /hulls
    Prunus amygdalus
  9. almond /shells
    Prunus amygdalus
  10. amaranth
    Amaranthus sp.
  11. ash /log
    Fraxinus sp.
  12. ash, green ash /bark
    Fraxinus pennsylvanica
  13. ash, white ash
    Fraxinus americana
  14. ash, white ash /bark
    Fraxinus americana
  15. bagasse, sugar bagasse

  16. bark

  17. bark, mixed

  18. barley
    Hordeum vulgare
  19. barley /straw
    Hordeum vulgare
  20. barley, summer barley /straw
    Hordeum vulgare
  21. barley, winter barley /straw
    Hordeum vulgare
  22. barley; Finnish /straw
    Hordeum vulgare
  23. bean /straw
    Phaseolus sp.
  24. beech
    Fagus sp.
  25. beech /chips
    Fagus sp.
  26. beech, red beech /log
    Fagus silvatica
  27. beech; american beech/bark
    Fagus grandifolia
  28. birch
    Betula sp.
  29. birch /log
    Betula sp.
  30. birch, white birch /bark
    Betula pendula
  31. birch+maple /chips
    Betula sp.+Acer sp.
  32. cane; Italy
    Arundo donax
  33. cedar
    Cedrus sp.
  34. cedar /bark
    Cedrus sp.
  35. cellulose

  36. cereals
  37. cereals, almo-W-ex; Wolfsthal Austria
  38. cereals, almo-W-in; Wolfsthal Austria
  39. cereals, almo ex. 94; Wolfsthal Austria /grain
  40. cereals, almo ex. 94; Wolfsthal Austria /straw
  41. cereals, almo in. 94; Wolfsthal Austria /grain
  42. cereals, almo in. 94; Wolfsthal Austria /straw
  43. cereals, almo N1; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  44. cereals, almo N3; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  45. cereals, capo-W-ex; Wolfsthal Austria
  46. cereals, capo-W-in; Wolfsthal Austria
  47. cereals, capo N1; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  48. cereals, capo N3; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  49. cereals, hai-W-ex; Wolfsthal Austria
  50. cereals, hai-W-in; Wolfsthal Austria
  51. cereals, heiduck-W-ex; Wolfsthal Austria
  52. cereals, heiduck-W-in; Wolfsthal Austria
  53. cereals, indos N3; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  54. cereals, lindos N1; Groß-Enzersdorf Austria
  55. cereals, presto N1; Großenzersdorf Austria
  56. cereals, presto N3; Großenzersdorf Austria
  57. cereals, renan N1; Großenzersdorf Austria
  58. cereals, renan N3; Großenzersdorf Austria
  59. cereals, typo N1; Großenzersdorf Austria
  60. cereals, typo N3; Großenzersdorf Austria
  61. chaparral
    Yucca whipplei
  62. cherry tree
    Prunus avium
  63. cherry tree /log
    Prunus avium
  64. chestnut /log
    Castanea sativa
  65. coal, anthracite

  66. coal, bituminous coal

  67. coal, brown coal

  68. coal, charcoal

  69. coal, coke

  70. coal, lignite coal

  71. coal, low temp coke

  72. coal, Pittsburgh seam coal

  73. coal, Utah coal

  74. coal, west Kentucky no. 11 coal

  75. coal, Wyoming elkol coal

  76. cocoa /hull
    Theobroma cacao
  77. coconut /fibre
    Cocos nucifera
  78. corn /stalks
  79. cotton
    Gossypium sp.
  80. cotton /husks
    Gossypium sp.
  81. cotton /stalks
    Gossypium sp.
  82. cotton, cotton waste
    Gossypium sp.
  83. douglas fir
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  84. douglas fir /bark
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  85. douglas fir /log
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  86. elm
    Ulmus sp.
  87. elm /stick
    Ulmus sp.
  88. eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus sp.
  89. eucalyptus /chips
    Eucalyptus sp.
  90. fir
    Abies sp.
  91. fir, /whole tree
    Picea sp.
  92. fir, balsam fir /bark
    Abies balsamea
  93. fir, white fir
    Abies concolor
  94. fir; fir char /bark
    Abies sp.
  95. flax
    Llinum usitatissimum
  96. flax /shive
    Llinum usitatissimum
  97. flax /straw
    Llinum usitatissimum
  98. grass, field grass

  99. grass, grass straw char

  100. grass, intensive grass

  101. grass, knotgrass
    Paspalum distichum
  102. grass, reed canary grass
    Phalaris arundinacea
  103. grass, summer switch grass
    Panicum virgatum
  104. grass, switch grass
    Panicum virgatum
  105. grass, switch grass; Dakota
    Panicum virgatum
  106. haselnut /seedcoat
    Corylus avellana
  107. hazelnut /shell
    Corylus avellana
  108. hemlock fir
    Tsuga heterophylla
  109. hemlock fir; eastern hemlock fir /bark
    Tsuga heterophylla
  110. hemlock fir; western hemlock fir
    Tsuga heterophylla
  111. hemlock fir; western hemlock fir /bark
    Tsuga heterophylla
  112. hemp
    Cannabis sativa
  113. hickory
    Carya sp.
  114. hickory, shagbark hickory/bark
    Carya ovata
  115. kenaf; Italy
    Hibiscus cannabinus
  116. larch /log
    Larix sp.
  117. larch; european larch/chips
    Larix decidua
  118. larch; western larch/bark
    Larix occidentalis
  119. lupine
    LuPinus sp.
  120. macadamia
    Macadamia sp.
  121. maize /stemps
    Zea mays
  122. maize /straw
    Zea mays
  123. maize /whole crop
    Zea mays
  124. maize, corncob
    Zea mays
  125. maple
    Acer sp.
  126. maple /chips
    Acer sp.
  127. maple, red maple /bark
    Acer rubrum
  128. maple, silver maple /bark
    Acer saccharinum
  129. maple, sugar maple /bark
    Acer saccharum
  130. miscanthus; Atzenbrugg-Gülle Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  131. miscanthus; Atzenbrugg Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  132. miscanthus; Germany
    Miscanthus sp.
  133. miscanthus; Ilz Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  134. miscanthus; Italy
    Miscanthus sp.
  135. miscanthus; Markgrafneus. Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  136. miscanthus; St.Florian Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  137. miscanthus; Steinbrunn Austria
    Miscanthus sp.
  138. miscanthus; three annual
    Miscanthus sp.
  139. miscanthus; two annual
    Miscanthus sp.
  140. oak
    Quercus sp.
  141. oak /chips
    Quercus sp.
  142. oak /log
    Quercus sp.
  143. oak, american red oak
    Quercus rubra
  144. oak, black oak /bark
    Quercus velutina
  145. oak, black oak; american
    Quercus velutina
  146. oak, northern red oak /bark
    Quercus rubra
  147. oak, oak char; 1060F
    Quercus sp.
  148. oak, oak char; 820F-1185F
    Quercus sp.
  149. oak, oak charcoal; 1060F
    Quercus sp.
  150. oak, oak charcoal; 820F-1185F
    Quercus sp.
  151. oak, pin oak /bark
    Quercus palustris
  152. oak, post oak /bark
    Quercus stellata
  153. oak, red oak /chips
    Quercus rubra
  154. oak, southern red oak /bark
    Quercus rubra
  155. oak, tan oak
    Quercus sp.
  156. oak, white oak
    Quercus alba
  157. oak, white oak; american
    Quercus alba
  158. oak, white oak; northern /bark
    Quercus alba
  159. oak, white oak; southern /bark
    Quercus alba
  160. oak; Alabama /chips
    Quercus sp.
  161. oak; Alabama /woodwaste
    Quercus sp.
  162. oats
    Avena sativa
  163. oats /straw
    Avena sativa
  164. olive /stone
    Olea europaea
  165. paper

  166. paper /pellets

  167. paper, brown paper; municipal refuse and major components (5,6%)

  168. paper, magazine paper; municipal refuse and major components (6,8%)

  169. paper, newspaper; municipal refuse and major components (9,4% of average waste)

  170. paper, paper boxes; municipal refuse and major components (23,4%)

  171. peach /stone
    Prunus persica
  172. peanut /hull
    Arachis hypogaea
  173. pine
    Pinus sp.
  174. pine /bark
    Pinus sp.
  175. pine /chips
    Pinus sp.
  176. pine /log
    Pinus sp.
  177. pine /sawdust
    Pinus sp.
  178. pine, eastern white pine
    Pinus strobus
  179. pine, eastern white pine /bark
    Pinus strobus
  180. pine, jack pine /bark
    Pinus banksiana
  181. pine, loblolly pine /bark
    Pinus taeda
  182. pine, lodgepole pine /bark
    Pinus contorta
  183. pine, lodgepole pine residues
    Pinus contorta
  184. pine, longleaf pine /bark
    Pinus palustris
  185. pine, pitch pine
    Pinus rigida
  186. pine, ponderosa pine
    Pinus ponderosa
  187. pine, ponderosa pine /bark
    Pinus ponderosa
  188. pine, red pine /bark
    Pinus resinosa
  189. pine, shortleaf pine /bark
    Pinus echinata
  190. pine, virginia pine /bark
    Pinus virginiana
  191. pine, yellow pine
    Pinus sp.
  192. pine; Corsican
    Pinus sp.
  193. pine; mixed
    Pinus sp.
  194. pine; slashed /bark
    Pinus sp.
  195. pistachio
    Pistacia vera
  196. pistachio /shell
    Pistacia vera
  197. poplar
    Popolus sp.
  198. poplar, black cottonwood /bark
    Popolus trichocarpa
  199. poplar, black poplar /log
    Popolus nigra
  200. poplar, eastern cottonwood /bark
    Popolus deltoides
  201. poplar, quaking aspen /bark
    Popolus tremuloides
  202. rape
    Brassica napus var. napus
  203. rape /straw
    Brassica napus var. napus
  204. rape /whole crop
    Brassica napus var. napus
  205. rape, rape oil filter cake
    Brassica napus var. napus
  206. rape; summer rape /straw
    Brassica napus var. napus
  207. rapeseed
    Brassica napus var. napus
  208. rice
    Oryza sativa
  209. rice /hull
    Oryza sativa
  210. rice /straw
    Oryza sativa
  211. rice, rice bales
    Oryza sativa
  212. rice, rice bales; decayed
    Oryza sativa
  213. rice, rice hull char /hull
    Oryza sativa
  214. rice, rice mix /straw
    Oryza sativa
  215. robinia /log
    Robinia sp.
  216. rye /straw
    Secale cereale
  217. sequoia
  218. sequoia, redwood sequoia
    Seqoia sempervirens
  219. sequoia, redwood sequoia /bark
    Seqoia sempervirens
  220. sequoia, redwood sequoia char; 790F-1020F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  221. sequoia, redwood sequoia char; 800F-1725F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  222. sequoia, redwood sequoia charcoal; 790F-1020F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  223. sequoia, redwood sequoia charcoal; 860F-1725F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  224. sequoia, redwood sequoia wastewood
    Seqoia sempervirens
  225. sorghum
    Sorghum sp.
  226. sorghum, sweet sorghum
    Sorghum saccharatum
  227. sorghum, sweet sorghum; Italy
    Sorghum saccharatum
  228. spruce
    Picea abies
  229. spruce /bark
    Picea abies
  230. spruce /chips
    Picea abies
  231. spruce /log
    Picea abies
  232. spruce, black spruce /bark
    Picea mariana
  233. spruce, engelmann spruce /bark
    Picea engelmannii
  234. spruce, white spruce /bark
    Picea glauca
  235. spruce; sitka spruce /whole tree
    Picea sitchensis
  236. spruce; thinning residues /whole tree
    Picea abies
  237. spruce; thinning residues without needles /whole tree
    Picea abies
  238. spruce+beech
    Picea abies+Fagus silvatica
  239. sugar cane
    Saccharum officinarum
  240. sunflower
    Helianthus annuus
  241. sunflower /husk
    Helianthus annuus
  242. sunflower /residue
    Helianthus annuus
  243. sunflower /straw
    Helianthus annuus
  244. sycomore /bark
    Platanus sp.
  245. tobacco /leaf
    Nicotiana tabacum
  246. tobacco /stalk
    Nicotiana tabacum
  247. tupelo, black tupelo /bark
    Nyssa sylvatica
  248. walnut
    Junglans regia
  249. walnut /shell
    Junglans regia
  250. walnut, black walnut
    Junglans regia
  251. walnut, english walnut
    Junglans regia
  252. waste wood

  253. waste wood, birch furn. ply.

  254. waste wood, cyclone ash

  255. waste wood, demolition wood

  256. waste wood, filter ash

  257. waste wood, furniture waste

  258. waste wood, lacquered waste wood

  259. waste wood, lanimated wood

  260. waste wood, mixed waste wood

  261. waste wood, particle board; s.hardwoods

  262. waste wood, particle board; s.pine coarse

  263. waste wood, particle board; s.pine fine

  264. waste wood, particle board; s.pine medium

  265. waste wood, particle boards; partly impregnant

  266. waste wood, particle boards; pressed

  267. waste wood, plywood scraps

  268. waste wood, railroad ties

  269. waste wood, salt impregnanted wood

  270. waste wood, telephone poles

  271. waste wood, uncontaminated waste wood

  272. waste wood, waste wood containing particle boards

  273. waste wood, wood residues containing adhesives

  274. waste wood; fir treated

  275. waste wood; grate ash

  276. waste wood; pressure treated waste wood

  277. waste, animal waste

  278. waste, animal waste char

  279. waste, cartoon-plastic-aluminium packing

  280. waste, compost

  281. waste, domestic organic waste from the municipal collection

  282. waste, municipal solid waste

  283. waste, municipal solid waste char

  284. waste, national average waste; municipal refuse and major components

  285. waste, pulp & paper

  286. waste, pulp & paper mill sludge

  287. waste, rejects from waste paper preparation

  288. waste, sewage sludge

  289. waste, sewage sludge from waste paper production

  290. waste, sugar beet
    Beta vulgaris var. altissima
  291. waste, tea waste
    Camellia sinensis
  292. waste, waste from brewing-industries

  293. waste, waste from malt-industries

  294. waste, waste material

  295. waste, waste paper

  296. wheat
    Triticum aestivum
  297. wheat /chaff
    Triticum aestivum
  298. wheat /grain
    Triticum aestivum
  299. wheat /stems
    Triticum aestivum
  300. wheat /straw
    Triticum aestivum
  301. wheat /whole crop
    Triticum aestivum
  302. wheat+rye /straw
    Triticum aestivum+Secale cereale
  303. willow
    Salix sp.
  304. willow, black willow /bark
    Salix nigra
  305. willow, white willow /stick
    Salix alba
  306. wood

  307. wood /bark

  308. wood /briquette

  309. wood /chips

  310. wood waste /tree pruning

  311. wood waste, compost /bark

  312. wood waste, driftwood

  313. wood waste, forest residue; Finnish /chips

  314. wood waste, forest residue; Swedish /chips

  315. wood waste, mixed softwood residues

  316. wood waste, redwood; mill wood waste /shavings

  317. wood waste, softwood residues

  318. wood, compressed wood briquettes /pellets

  319. wood, forest wood /chips+bark

  320. wood, forest wood chips /whole tree

  321. wood, hardwood

  322. wood, hardwood /bark

  323. wood, hardwood /chips

  324. wood, lumped hardwood

  325. wood, lumped softwood

  326. wood, mixed hardwood /chips

  327. wood, mixed wood /chips

  328. wood, plywood scraps

  329. wood, sawdust

  330. wood, sawdust /pellets

  331. wood, softwood

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