BIOBIB - search for woods

The data is sorted in alphabetic order. You also can use the text search utility of your browser to find the biofuel directly. This would be particularly useful for searching a botanical name. Click on one of the letters below to jump to the first biofuel starting with this letter.

  1. ailanthus
    Ailanthus altissima
  2. alder, black alder /log
    Alnus glutinosa
  3. alder, red alder /bark
    Alnus rubra
  4. alder+poplar+willow
    Alnus sp.+Popolus sp.+Salix sp.
  5. almond
    Prunus amygdalus
  6. ash /log
    Fraxinus sp.
  7. ash, green ash /bark
    Fraxinus pennsylvanica
  8. ash, white ash
    Fraxinus americana
  9. ash, white ash /bark
    Fraxinus americana
  10. bark

  11. bark, mixed

  12. beech
    Fagus sp.
  13. beech /chips
    Fagus sp.
  14. beech, red beech /log
    Fagus silvatica
  15. beech; american beech/bark
    Fagus grandifolia
  16. birch
    Betula sp.
  17. birch /log
    Betula sp.
  18. birch, white birch /bark
    Betula pendula
  19. birch+maple /chips
    Betula sp.+Acer sp.
  20. cedar
    Cedrus sp.
  21. cedar /bark
    Cedrus sp.
  22. cherry tree
    Prunus avium
  23. cherry tree /log
    Prunus avium
  24. chestnut /log
    Castanea sativa
  25. douglas fir
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  26. douglas fir /bark
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  27. douglas fir /log
    Pseudotsuga menziesii
  28. elm
    Ulmus sp.
  29. elm /stick
    Ulmus sp.
  30. eucalyptus
    Eucalyptus sp.
  31. eucalyptus /chips
    Eucalyptus sp.
  32. fir
    Abies sp.
  33. fir, /whole tree
    Picea sp.
  34. fir, balsam fir /bark
    Abies balsamea
  35. fir, white fir
    Abies concolor
  36. fir; fir char /bark
    Abies sp.
  37. hemlock fir
    Tsuga heterophylla
  38. hemlock fir; eastern hemlock fir /bark
    Tsuga heterophylla
  39. hemlock fir; western hemlock fir
    Tsuga heterophylla
  40. hemlock fir; western hemlock fir /bark
    Tsuga heterophylla
  41. hickory
    Carya sp.
  42. hickory, shagbark hickory/bark
    Carya ovata
  43. larch /log
    Larix sp.
  44. larch; european larch/chips
    Larix decidua
  45. larch; western larch/bark
    Larix occidentalis
  46. lupine
    LuPinus sp.
  47. macadamia
    Macadamia sp.
  48. maple
    Acer sp.
  49. maple /chips
    Acer sp.
  50. maple, red maple /bark
    Acer rubrum
  51. maple, silver maple /bark
    Acer saccharinum
  52. maple, sugar maple /bark
    Acer saccharum
  53. oak
    Quercus sp.
  54. oak /chips
    Quercus sp.
  55. oak /log
    Quercus sp.
  56. oak, american red oak
    Quercus rubra
  57. oak, black oak /bark
    Quercus velutina
  58. oak, black oak; american
    Quercus velutina
  59. oak, northern red oak /bark
    Quercus rubra
  60. oak, oak char; 1060F
    Quercus sp.
  61. oak, oak char; 820F-1185F
    Quercus sp.
  62. oak, oak charcoal; 1060F
    Quercus sp.
  63. oak, oak charcoal; 820F-1185F
    Quercus sp.
  64. oak, pin oak /bark
    Quercus palustris
  65. oak, post oak /bark
    Quercus stellata
  66. oak, red oak /chips
    Quercus rubra
  67. oak, southern red oak /bark
    Quercus rubra
  68. oak, tan oak
    Quercus sp.
  69. oak, white oak
    Quercus alba
  70. oak, white oak; american
    Quercus alba
  71. oak, white oak; northern /bark
    Quercus alba
  72. oak, white oak; southern /bark
    Quercus alba
  73. oak; Alabama /chips
    Quercus sp.
  74. oak; Alabama /woodwaste
    Quercus sp.
  75. pine
    Pinus sp.
  76. pine /bark
    Pinus sp.
  77. pine /chips
    Pinus sp.
  78. pine /log
    Pinus sp.
  79. pine /sawdust
    Pinus sp.
  80. pine, eastern white pine
    Pinus strobus
  81. pine, eastern white pine /bark
    Pinus strobus
  82. pine, jack pine /bark
    Pinus banksiana
  83. pine, loblolly pine /bark
    Pinus taeda
  84. pine, lodgepole pine /bark
    Pinus contorta
  85. pine, lodgepole pine residues
    Pinus contorta
  86. pine, longleaf pine /bark
    Pinus palustris
  87. pine, pitch pine
    Pinus rigida
  88. pine, ponderosa pine
    Pinus ponderosa
  89. pine, ponderosa pine /bark
    Pinus ponderosa
  90. pine, red pine /bark
    Pinus resinosa
  91. pine, shortleaf pine /bark
    Pinus echinata
  92. pine, virginia pine /bark
    Pinus virginiana
  93. pine, yellow pine
    Pinus sp.
  94. pine; Corsican
    Pinus sp.
  95. pine; mixed
    Pinus sp.
  96. pine; slashed /bark
    Pinus sp.
  97. poplar
    Popolus sp.
  98. poplar, black poplar /log
    Popolus nigra
  99. poplar, quaking aspen /bark
    Popolus tremuloides
  100. robinia /log
    Robinia sp.
  101. sequoia
  102. sequoia, redwood sequoia
    Seqoia sempervirens
  103. sequoia, redwood sequoia /bark
    Seqoia sempervirens
  104. sequoia, redwood sequoia char; 790F-1020F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  105. sequoia, redwood sequoia char; 800F-1725F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  106. sequoia, redwood sequoia charcoal; 790F-1020F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  107. sequoia, redwood sequoia charcoal; 860F-1725F
    Seqoia sempervirens
  108. sequoia, redwood sequoia wastewood
    Seqoia sempervirens
  109. spruce
    Picea abies
  110. spruce /bark
    Picea abies
  111. spruce /chips
    Picea abies
  112. spruce /log
    Picea abies
  113. spruce, black spruce /bark
    Picea mariana
  114. spruce, engelmann spruce /bark
    Picea engelmannii
  115. spruce, white spruce /bark
    Picea glauca
  116. spruce; sitka spruce /whole tree
    Picea sitchensis
  117. spruce; thinning residues /whole tree
    Picea abies
  118. spruce; thinning residues without needles /whole tree
    Picea abies
  119. spruce+beech
    Picea abies+Fagus silvatica
  120. sycomore /bark
    Platanus sp.
  121. tupelo, black tupelo /bark
    Nyssa sylvatica
  122. waste wood

  123. waste wood, birch furn. ply.

  124. waste wood, cyclone ash

  125. waste wood, demolition wood

  126. waste wood, filter ash

  127. waste wood, furniture waste

  128. willow
    Salix sp.
  129. willow, black willow /bark
    Salix nigra
  130. willow, white willow /stick
    Salix alba
  131. wood

  132. wood /bark

  133. wood /briquette

  134. wood /chips

  135. wood waste /tree pruning

  136. wood waste, compost /bark

  137. wood waste, driftwood

  138. wood waste, forest residue; Finnish /chips

  139. wood waste, forest residue; Swedish /chips

  140. wood waste, mixed softwood residues

  141. wood waste, redwood; mill wood waste /shavings

  142. wood waste, softwood residues

  143. wood, compressed wood briquettes /pellets

  144. wood, forest wood /chips+bark

  145. wood, forest wood chips /whole tree

  146. wood, hardwood

  147. wood, hardwood /bark

  148. wood, hardwood /chips

  149. wood, lumped hardwood

  150. wood, lumped softwood

  151. wood, mixed hardwood /chips

  152. wood, mixed wood /chips

  153. wood, plywood scraps

  154. wood, sawdust

  155. wood, sawdust /pellets

  156. wood, softwood

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